Grant Macdonald Media was formed through the love and passion of photography, filmmaking and storytelling. Throughout the years of operation the companies focus has taken many forms.

The inception of Grant Macdonald Media stemmed from a deep appetite for music and travel. As a touring music photographer, Grant Macdonald would journey across the UK and Europe capturing the live performances of many international touring bands and artists. Not only did this allow him to see many places he only dreamt of visiting whilst doing what he loved to do, but the people he met along the way inspired him to develop a desire to tell their stories through the visual medium of photography and film.

Today, Grant Macdonald Media is doing just that. Having slowed down on the music side of the art, Grants focus is on collaborating with businesses and individuals to tell their stories and develop their brands. Travel is still a significant aspect of Grants life.


Currently situated in the City of Stirling in the beautiful central belt of Scotland, Grant Macdonald Media caters to clients all around the country. With the highlands and major cities only a short drive away, Grant Macdonald Media is always on hand.